GeoBeer Switzerland

Our next event: GeoBeer #14

The Swiss Society of Cartography (SSC in English/French, SGK in German) have generously offered to sponsor the 14th installment of GeoBeer.

Fri, October 7, 18:30–22:00
ETH Hönggerberg, HIT-Gebäude, E51, Zürich

Our program:

  • Short Introduction
  • Lightning talk: "Was hat ein Atlas mit Bier zu tun?", by René Sieber, Project manager of Atlas of Switzerland, ETHZ
  • Lightning talk: "Schraffenland 2.0", by Roman Geisthövel, Computer scientist, ETHZ
  • Apéro riche with local beer (among others)
  • Special contribution: "GeoBeers in the Sky", by Arsin Grünig and Christian Sailer, ETHZ

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GeoBeerCH is an informal meeting of people interested in geography, GIS, cartography and the latest technologies.